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What Separates Us?

Photography & 3d Visual Tours

Photo is the first impression to our guest, professional photography play an important role in attracting listings. Our experienced photographer expert in interiors shooting will present all the outstanding design and details of each property to our guests. We also provide 3D visual tour as an add on to give guests a better idea of the home.

Listing Updates & Management

Listing is where you show your guest why choose you over others, every detail on your listing sends a message to potential guests, that’s why our listing management team member is here everyday to make sure you listing is up to date and competitive.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide custom templates keywords to help enhance the appearance of your listing that makes It stand out.

Multiple Platform Marketing

We expose your property to the most popular short-term rental websites like Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, HomeAway, VRBO and TripAdvisor, other than that, we also advertise through multiple social media platforms, including Wechat, Facebook, and Instagram to attract customers from all around the world.

Increase Rental Conversions

Rent Collection

For long term rental management, we will contact tenant on a monthly basis to collect rent on time.

Personalized Consultation

The first step of renting out your property is having a preliminary phone call and in-person consultation to discuss your goals, learn more about your property, and give you an overview of our service offering. Please ask as many questions as you want, we are here to listen to all your concern, and answer then in detail.

Price Optimization

We use advanced analytics and competitive data to compare daily rates with nearby short term rental providers, ensuring your suite is priced competitively.

Guest Screening

We value the safety of your home, that’s why guests are examined on a case-by-case basis to ensure each property is well-maintained. ID verification is done before every confirmed booking, our customer support team is trained to politely ask guest more questions regarding their stay. Safety is always our number one priority.

Monthly Income Statement

Ever month all homeowner will receive an income statement that details how much rental revenue they earned, and any charges that they may have incurred during the month.

Home Care Services

Automated Home Security

Besides strict guest screening, we also protect your property with automated home security. We will be informed the second something happens; we are here 24/7 to handle any emergency.

Standardized Home Restock

We offer a fully-stocked suite to our guests, to ensure everything is exactly as advertised, we handle regular restocking of supplies and daily necessities. These include: hand wash, shampoo, body wash, paper towels, bath towels, bed linens, etc.

Professional Cleaning

We want our guests to be greeted with a sparkling clean suite every time, and start a 5-star experience the second they walk into the home. To make sure the suite has a perfect turnover and meet the highest standard, we train our entire cleaning ream to have great attention to detail, and the ability to set up a place from the perspective of a top guest. With our automation system, professional cleaning is scheduled automatically, and cleaning team will be notified immediately upon check out.

Seasonal & Move In / Out Inspection

For long-term rental management, we offer seasonal and move in / out inspection to make sure the property is well-respect and maintained.

How We Maintain Your Home

Repairs and Maintenance

We coordinate with home repair professionals to perform maintenance when issues arise.

Online Portal

Every homeowner has a unique log in to our online portal, from there you can see the calendar, future guest information, price, and etc..  Online portal makes management process easier, you will have access to all the info of your property by simply click on your cell phone.

Interior design & home staging

Our goal with every client is to position their property to attract guests who are willing to pay more to assure themselves a perfect experience. That’s why our interior design partners will work you to ensure your property has a unique look and feel that stands out from your competitors.

Customer Service

All incoming messages will be handled by our knowledgeable staff. Our team promptly handles both emergency response and simple day-to-day requests for extra towels or appliance manuals. We are here to take care of your guests.

Discover How Much Your Property Can Make

UP TO $78,936

Georgina Cottage House

  • 6 beds
  • 2.5 baths
  • 14 guests

UP TO $102,653

Downtown Condo

  • 3 beds
  • 2 baths
  • 8 guests

UP TO $80,522

Niagara Cottage House

  • 4 beds
  • 3.5 baths
  • 10 guests

So, What Are You Waiting For?